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Itch! (2004)

[cap]A[/cap]nother classic 2D puzzle game with a touch of 3D. Itch is the follow-up game to Pusher which was quite successful. I kind of favoured the name Circus Minimus at the time, but Itch! is very fitting as well.

My part: Interface; 2D/3D Ingame-graphics; Object animations; Tweaking

Look and feel

The setting of the game is a flea circus. Our little protagonists live in a world of matchsticks and boxes.
They all want to get out of there but can only make it in groups of at least four of the same colour.
When you drag a flea to another field he will jump like a real one (as we imagine it)  ;-)
However a number of different gameplay objects are in their way and limit or influence their ability to move.

Modeling & Animation

Most of the assets were created and animated in 3D with Maya. To achieve a perfect cartoonish look many of the images were then also enhanced in Photoshop.
Some animated effects were also completely done in 2D, like the colourful exploding joker.

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